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Temporary employees can grow to become an invaluable part of your team. Does that mean they should be included in your holiday bonus program? You have a few options. It’s great to give holiday bonuses in the spirit of the season, but even better if you can combine them with programs to boost morale and increase productivity.

Make Your Temporary Staff Feel Like Part of The Family

Temporary workers who are treated the like full-time employees are more likely to go the extra mile and be more productive. Those who feel isolated or underappreciated may just do the bare minimum it takes to get by. If finances permit, and it makes good business sense, give temporary employees the same bonus or a prorated equivalent of what you give to your regular staff. It could pay dividends in loyalty and productivity.

Drive Desired Behaviors

Offer holiday incentives that are tied to performance. Set production or sales goals that both full-time and temporary employees can work toward – as individuals or teams. Give attendance bonuses to reward your most dependable workers. Combining incentives with the holiday spirit can help to prevent the all-too-common dip in production that happens this time of year.

Create Contests to Keep Staff Motivated

Have drawings, sales contests and other fun competitions that can keep people motivated and interested over the holidays. Competition can drive performance and most workers enjoy it.  Seeing who really excels in competition can help you to identify stand-out temporaries you may want to add to your permanent team when the need arises.

Bonuses Don’t Have to be Cash

There are many ways to reward your staff that won’t break the bank. Offer casual days or order pizza for lunch. Many businesses provide holiday turkeys or hams. Give out gift cards for local businesses, restaurants or coffee shops. Offer paid time off for the holiday or give them a few hours off with pay for holiday shopping.

Don’t forget to check with your staffing agency to see what their policy is on offering gifts to their employees.

For more strategies for keeping your temporary workforce motivated, reach out to the experienced Miami recruiting team at Creative Staffing today.

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