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Networking isn’t only for candidates to find you–you can find serious quality candidates through doing some networking of your own. While everyone would like to believe hiring occurs simply by going through the resume-interview process, it does help to “know someone who knows someone.” This doesn’t mean that you hire your friend’s cousin to do him a favor; it simply means that you reach out to people who can help you and offer to return that favor when you can. And networking can simply consist of using the numerous social networks available to make candidates know who you are. Networking involves connecting…so what can you do to connect with and find candidates?

  • Consider a formal employee referral program. Consider your employer brand: Does the culture attract the kind of candidates you want? Branding involves making yours the kind of company that others will refer to, and it takes some effort. Make sure you respond to any inquiries or referrals quickly (no more than 72 hours) and allow referred candidates flexibility with regard to their interview and assessments. Above all, make sure you create a program that rewards employees for bringing in successful hires–and make a well-designed system that can differentiate strong referrals from the not-so-reliable.
  • Use social networking. Considering the fact that 36% of today’s workforce is millennials, over 75% check social media networks at least once a day, and the non-millennials use social media as well, it stands to reason that you should make your company a presence. Create a Facebook page and/or a Twitter feed and link them to your well-updated Web page. Consider having a specific Career Services page that refers to open positions and specific job descriptions. Use LinkedIn as well to promote job openings, company happenings, and links of interest. Candidates want to know about your company, so make it one they’ll want to be part of.
  • Offer something they’ll want. That doesn’t necessarily mean a job right off the bat–consider dinners, white papers, training sessions and other incentives that will entice active and passive candidates. These sorts of opportunities work both ways: The narrowed focus on your industry will likely bring in candidates with experience or education in your industry wanting to know more and show themselves as potential employees, a win-win for both sides. Use those social media methods noted above to promote your company and its offerings.

Networking takes many forms, from getting referrals through business associates, to referral programs, to social media. The more nets you cast, the more likely you’ll catch the kinds of candidates you want. To learn more about candidate acquisition, reach out to our expert Miami recruiters today and begin discussing the best strategy for your company.

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