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The cold weather will set in before we know it, and stores already have the winter merchandise sitting next to the leftover Halloween candy. Have you thought of what holiday staffing needs you have yet? To get a jump on the season, as well and have yourself prepared for the rush of the next few months, get a plan together and start hiring now. The holidays bring their own special brand of stress, and having staff in place early will save you from the worst of it. Here are tips for hiring before the holidays:

  • Look for seasonal candidates. You would think that the rate of unemployment means lots of possible workers, but that’s not necessarily so. Some prefer collecting unemployment without a break in the weeks of collection – various states make it difficult to take on seasonal work and then go back to receiving that weekly check. Focus on groups who fit the bill more readily, such as college students home for break or recent winter grads who still haven’t found permanent jobs yet. And don’t discount retirees, a group who more and more want to remain involved and active, and who have the experience and maturity to do the job well. Both of these groups have the time you require, so it’s best to snag them now before they commit elsewhere.
  • Starting now will get you the quality hires. Consider this: the people who plan ahead in looking for seasonal work want quality opportunities – they don’t want what’s left over in December. You, as the person hiring, feel the same way about your candidates. You’re more likely to be interested in a go-getter with a strong work ethic who’s organized enough to plan ahead, as opposed to the last-minute looker. Plus you get first crack at potential hires – and don’t discount the idea that this hire may well go beyond the holidays if the fit is right.
  • Getting organized now helps you project what you need. If you look at how the holidays affected you the year(s) before, it will give you a better idea of what’s to come. Combine that with projected needs and goals for this season, and you’ll know how many hires you need and in what capacity – sales, warehouse, inventory, etc. This will also help you write specific job descriptions so candidates know exactly what you’re looking for…and you can more readily screen qualified applicants out from those who don’t have the experience but want to make a few dollars during the holiday rush.

Planning ahead now will help you feel ready for the holiday upswing in business. At a time when it’s frenzied for so many of us, having your extra staff in place and knowing you’ve hired quality workers allows you to stay ahead of the competition and meet the rush head-on. Reach out to the experienced Miami staffing partner to create a staffing strategy for your company.

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