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As employees move on through retirement, relocation, or other means, you have a decision to make as to whether or not their positions should be filled. Leaving them to attrition may seem like a viable option at first, but down the line it means more work for employees who already have a lot on their plates, as well as less stability for you and more stress for everyone. So how can you keep the employees you have?

Some companies – in these complex economic times – consider attrition as a way to save money. The work of the previous person gets spread among other current employees, and it saves the time and cost of going through the hiring process and onboarding someone new. However, you have to think down the line: It may cost more to put additional stress on your other workers (especially if they see no monetary compensation for the increased workload, which often happens). They will have to spread themselves that much thinner and sometimes still have to learn new skills if the work isn’t in their wheelhouse. So when considering not filling a vacant position, consider the long-term effects of doing so and the ripples it may create with the rest of the workforce.

To avoid attrition, you have a few considerations:

  • Ask why employees leave. Do you have effective hiring strategies and screenings in the first place — do you find the right person for the job based on experience, skills, and corporate culture fit? When hiring, does your onboarding process successfully integrate new hires and bring them onto the team? Do you compensate employees competitively? Do employees feel valued in their jobs, or do they simply feel like numbers?
  • Make sure you have reasonable expectations. It could simply be the case that your employees move on after a few years — most don’t stay on until retirement anymore, particularly younger employees or those who are mid-career. You may have to adjust your ideas of retention as to what’s typical nowadays.
  • Work with a staffing firm. A solid relationship with a staffing firm can help you find quality help quickly, especially if you take the time to work with them so they know your company’s needs and background. When someone does leave, it can help to have quality temporary or temp-to-perm staff to fill in a position in the interim — a staffing firm has candidates ready and vetted for you to work with, including permanent hires. This takes stress off your hiring manager with regard to the interview and hiring process, in that they can work directly with the firm and not be forced to do it all themselves.

Don’t let attrition wreak havoc on you and your other employees. Look at your own practices for hiring and work with a quality Miami staffing firm such as Creative Staffing to help you keep your employees on staff and thriving.

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