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As a manager, bringing on temporary help may give you a feeling of relief that you’re getting much-needed additional staff. However, your full-time team may not have those same thoughts running through their minds; they may feel threatened. So do what you can as a manager to prepare your team for the temporary staff – do what you can to promote these extra workers as easing everyone’s burden rather than invasive workers who will disrupt the team.

  • Point out that it’s good for everyone. Point out to your staff that having some extra help on a big project will take some of the burden off of them. They’ll have more staff to do the work, thus ensuring less stress and overextension for the full-timers. And, if the client expresses happiness with the results, that leads to more work for the future, which positively affects everyone. In addition, if the contracted person comes in because of a specific skill set that he can teach to others, that will also benefit all employees down the road.
  • Communicate clearly with permanent staff. If the full-time staff know why, when, and how long temporary staff will be there, it will help to alleviate feelings of worry about the security of their own positions – the temps are not there to replace them. Start by detailing the project, its components, and the need for the extra staff. Define everyone’s roles, keeping the current chain of command as stable as possible. If sharing workspace is required, bring this up early as well to full-time workers, to avoid awkward situations later. Allow questions and let employees know they may come to you with concerns during the project.
  • Let everyone know they’re valued. As the project moves along, make sure to let permanent employees know that – while the temporary staff help by adding flexibility and allowing for the on-time completion of a large and complex job –none of it would be possible without the core group of workers. Acknowledge their contributions and recognize that a well-seasoned team makes for a successful project, especially when they work effectively alongside those brought in to help.

A bit of prep work on your part will make for a smooth transition when you need to add temporary workers. Above all, respect for your current team with regard to their positions and transparency in bringing on temporary workers will in turn lead them to understand and respect your decision to add on extra help. Everybody benefits. For more success strategies related to temporary workforces, reach out to the experienced Miami recruiting team at Creative Staffing today.

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