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When you look at employee retention rates at your company, how do you fit in compared with others in your field or your geographical area? If you want to know why employees leave, it helps to conduct a proper exit interview to find out the reasons — receiving honest, open feedback can help you change practices or culture to keep them around longer and make your workplace more stable.

  • Create the right environment. In order to get that honest feedback, you need to create a culture where an employee will feel comfortable giving it. If your employee has always had the chance to share his ideas and opinions and have management listen to them, and was encouraged to professionally criticize methods and processes, the exit interview will likely yield helpful responses.  Assure him that you will use his feedback to improve processes for those remaining and aggregate it with feedback from other employees. This also helps allay fears of burning bridges with the company if he speaks honestly. Keep it simple and emphasize the confidentiality of the interview.
  • Keep the human component. Whether a manager or someone from Human Resources conducts the exit interview, do try to make sure that it happens with an actual person rather than simply giving the exiting employee a questionnaire to fill out. This way you can ask follow-up questions and potentially receive more frank responses than if an employee simply answered some questions or filled in Always-Sometimes-Never bubbles. Don’t gloss over exit interviews with fired employees, either. Perhaps their performance slipped because of burnout or poor guidance from a superior, for example — all valuable feedback.
  • Ask the right questions. In order to get honest, helpful answers, you need to ask good questions. Use these examples as guidelines:

○        How do you feel you were treated by your supervisor and your co-workers?
○        How well do you believe your work was recognized and appreciated?
○        Do you feel you were given adequate training and assistance in learning your job?
○        Can you see opportunities for transfer or promotion within this business?
○        How would you describe the morale of your fellow employees?
○        How fairly was the workload distributed among you and your co-workers?
○        What could be done to make this company a better place to work?

In order to find out why any employee leaves, it’s essential to have that well-constructed exit interview to build on feedback and have fewer losses in the future — make it a priority to use what you learn to improve your organization. For more talent management strategies, or to begin working with our experienced recruiters, contact Creative Staffing today!


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