Posted by annmachado

When looking for a position for yourself, you may think permanent is the way to go — you want something steady, right? But don’t count out the idea of a contract position, either. There are plusses to contract positions that may change your mind.

  • At a time when companies are trying to cut down on expenses, some industries prefer to hire their workers on a contractual basis, filling in positions for a certain amount of time as needed. In fact, industries such as IT and banking use contracting quite often. And if you’re someone looking to try out a new type of work, a contract position could work well for you. You get exposure to something new and get your foot in the door, should something more permanent open up — or you could get another contract for a different company who has seen your good work. The more skills you acquire, the more marketable you will make yourself.
  • If you need or prefer flexibility, a contract position could work well for you. It helps with balancing family and work obligations; some companies will even let you set your hours, as long as you get your work done. A contract job could allow you to do something else on the side, from another job to a degree that will help improve your career.  And while contractors may not get the benefits that permanent employees do, they can often set their own pay rates (look to see what an average contractor makes in your field if you’re unsure) and even receive more money than if they worked a permanent job. Plus you get to be your own manager — you may choose contracts according to your preferences.
  • If you’re someone who’s had trouble for a while finding permanent work, and worry about having that gap on your resume, working as a contractor can fill it. And these positions can be easier to find: often a company has no permanent positions open but may have contract ones. In this way you’re keeping your skills sharp, making connections, and – once again – making yourself look good if something more permanent opens up at that company.

So make sure, when looking for work, to think about contract positions as a possibility. It may be just what you need to get yourself back into the workplace or to find something new. If you’re looking for a new position, check out our open jobs or contact our experienced recruiting team today!

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