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Once you have your chosen employees hired and in place, you have two aims: keep them there and encourage them to stay actively involved on the job. If you want to create a base of quality employees around for the long term and continue improving your business, you need to focus on retention and engagement to make this happen.

  • Recognize employees. Want to keep your employees happy and productive? A simple solution exists: Tell them they’re doing a good job. Everyone will thank you for it.  Employee recognition does not mean everyone gets an award for doing their basic job. Rather, it entails an employer understanding that those who do their jobs diligently and well have earned some form of acknowledgement of their efforts. This is all about using a basic principle of behavioral psychology — positive reinforcement of good behavior increases the likelihood of that behavior repeating.  Strategies such as day-to-day recognition, setting goals and objectives for recognition, and even monetary motivation all work to keep employees loyal and engaged.
  • Have a vision for the future. This does not solely include statistics for your projected profit margins for the year. In fact, having only that vision turns away employees. Know what your company’s direction is and make it compelling and clear enough that your employees want to stick around in order to help achieve it
    • To that end, know what that vision is. Let them know they are working toward a specific future goal; this helps them focus and see that the company knows what direction it wants to take. Does your company have a “big picture” idea that employees feel they can be a part of and work toward? Have more than a blanket mission statement; aim for a vision that an employee feels she can truly contribute to and that makes her feel part of a whole.
  • Create a positive company culture. A job seeker wants to get hired, but when considering the long term, he also wants to work somewhere that has a culture he can get on board with: If the fit doesn’t seem right for his personality as well as his skills, he probably won’t last long. Consider this: Studies show that employees who matched up with their employers, supervisors, and overall company felt more satisfaction in the position, were more likely to stay on long term, were more committed, identified more with their organization, and demonstrated better job performance.

Keeping these considerations in mind will help you retain your employees and keep them engaged, ensuring quality and a strong workforce over the long term for all involved. For more management strategies, read our related posts or reach out to the staffing experts at Creative Staffing today!

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