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It’s time to hire someone new — but you have to answer some questions first. What sort of employee do you need — meaning, should you hire someone for a permanent position or do you need someone just for the short term? Do you have the budget/business to hire someone permanently? Is it worth spending the money on training to hire that person? How do I find good temporary employees?

If you have any worries about use of or availability for temporary staffing, rest assured that the hiring outlook for 2014 states that more employers plan to use temporary workers this year than in 2013. A job forecast survey from CareerBuilders discovered that while 40 percent of employers used contract or temporary workers last year, that number will rise to 42 percent in 2014. And 43 percent of those hiring temps plan to transition a portion of them into permanent or full-time workers.

Hiring temporary workers is a safe way to cover your requirements on an as-needed basis, using staffing agencies to help you find someone skilled in exactly what you need for a certain period of time, saving yourself valuable energy and time as well by using an agency to send you the best fit. Whether you need someone for a large and time-consuming project, have an employee out for an extended period of time, or are swamped with a particularly busy time of year, it’s possible to find quality temporary employees. Gone are the old days of “temps” as inexperienced, very young, or very senior workers: Many have specific experience and new perspectives that can help give your business a boost. And, as the survey from CareerBuilder points out, numerous companies are taking advantage of those skilled employees.

With regard to hiring permanent employees, you get the benefit of continuity: You have hired someone to become a part of your company; a part of your team. It’s admittedly easier to accomplish that when you hire someone permanent, as opposed to someone there for a limited period of time. It’s hard to build quality temporary relationships, and that may affect group mentality and cohesiveness. A longer temp position can also breed resentment if the temporary person working alongside a permanent employee gets less pay and benefits. A permanent employee can also save you time in training and become more efficient at work over time as she gains familiarity and a better understanding of how the job functions. As a sort of happy medium, you may want to consider hiring someone on a temp-to-perm basis: This way you can test the person out, see if he fits, and then make a decision down the road.

Consider the needs mentioned above. You have to look at your long-term business requirements and how best to fill them. Do you want the flexibility of temporary hires for multiple and bigger projects, or do you want someone to continue steadily building your business with you? Consider talking to a consultant about your staffing needs. Working with the experienced recruiting team at Creative Staffing is a great place to start.

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