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Congratulations, you got your first interview with a new employer! Here you’ll read how to successfully plan for the interview to minimize nervousness and help you look like the best person for the job.

After sending out many resumes and talking to anyone who can help, you’ve finally made it: You got an interview with an employer. First of all, congratulate yourself because even getting to that point can be very difficult, considering many employers will receive up to 200 resumes for a single position. This means you’ve made it past the initial hiring manager looking at resumes and now you have a chance to show that you should be hired. But before the interview, you need to do a little homework.

Now, to prepare yourself for the interview, you should take a few simple yet important steps:

  1. Know the company. Before the interview, find out as much as you can about your possible future employer. What are the company’s goals and objectives? What is their focus? How well do you know the industry and the company’s position in it? Do you know anyone who works there who could give you some help? Look at the company’s website, and look at social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Have they been in the news recently for anything? Knowing all of this will help you understand the latest plans and new ideas.
  2. Know your possible position and how you fit the role. Examine the position carefully: What are the minimum qualifications? What do they want you to do? List those attributes and then write down how your experience and skills match each of those qualifications. Looking at the simplest parts of an interview, think of it this way: Your potential employer has a problem that needs to be solved. So ask yourself this important question: How can I solve that problem? What skills and experience do I have that fills the company’s need? If you can answer this, you can strongly present yourself as a needed employee.
  3. Practice the interview.  If you look on the internet, you can find questions that are usually asked in interviews and think of answers to them. This will help you feel more relaxed in the interview. And one way to do the best in an interview is to practice having one. Have a friend or family member sit down with you and ask you questions that you think someone might ask you. If you are not sure what they might ask, look at the job description to see what they want — they will ask you questions based on that description. Then go over questions and answers until you feel comfortable.

If you prepare before the interview, you will walk in with confidence, and a future employer loves to hire confident employees. Doing your homework will always help you do better when the real “test” of the interview comes. Reach out to the staffing experts at Creative Staffing to begin working with an experienced recruiter today!

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