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The relationship between HR and recruiting professionals can have complications, with mistrust of intentions on both sides and sometimes strained relationships. However, when going for the best resources for the company, HR departments and recruitment agencies that align their goals and objectives and build strong relationships see benefits down the road, including long-term partnerships that promote greater benefits for all involved. So how can these two forces best work together and get hire the best candidates?

First of all, understand that each side needs to work to develop the relationship. This may mean that HR needs to release some of their responsibility to the recruiting team. Meet formally to discuss plans and informally–say, over coffee–to build the relationship. Make sure to have an initial strategy meeting with HR, the recruiter, and the business leader so everyone feels they are in the loop.

Next, define and respect each other’s roles. By virtue of their jobs, a recruiter finds talent, cultivates it, and brings it to companies looking for specific people with specific backgrounds and skill sets; and an HR person knows how the particular company works and what its needs are. If you effectively combine the two, that can lead to a successful hiring process.

  • A good relationship includes meeting regularly to check in. This is a great time to discuss and share information such as the state of the local job market.
  • Let the recruiter handle some of the more delicate aspects of the search, such as negotiating between the candidate and the employer. A third party recruiter can act as a middleman, someone not emotionally involved in the process.

While this may seem obvious, it still bears repeating: Make sure everyone works together and shares information. Create hiring strategies together and figure out how you want to go about it. If each side knows its roles, that cuts down on confusion, redundancy, and lack of professionalism. In this day and age, communication may happen quickly–almost instantly–and it’s possible to lose a qualified candidate if they aren’t willing to discuss options other than what’s written in the New Hire Handbook.

Above all, the relationship between HR and recruiters, as with all business relationships, should focus on respect. Appreciate that, in the end, both sides are working toward the same result, and each brings a perspective to the proceedings that may overlap in some ways and differ in others. But if everyone involved recognizes the experience and talents of the other, they’ll get a quality result in the end. Contact our recruiting team for more information on how we can effectively work with your HR team to find the right candidates for your staffing needs.

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