Posted by annmachado

There are various ways to go about looking for the right person to fill a position. Of course a company can utilize active recruiting by working with their staffing partner to find available candidates that fit the needs of the open position. For filling your most important positions, however, do not forget about passive recruiting, finding someone who already has a job and may not currently be looking but who may fit perfectly in a position with your company. Passive candidates have a number of attractive qualities:


  • Because the candidate isn’t actively looking, you may capitalize on this. You won’t have to compete with other places: he’s not looking, so you have the monopoly on presenting a new opportunity for her to seriously consider.
  • Think about it this way: at a time when resources in general have caused various companies to cut back, this requires consideration as to where and how those cuts occur. This, in turn, requires careful thought about which staff members will stay and what kind of talent will truly help. If your recruiting team can anticipate needs ahead of time using something like passive recruiting, you can have quality employees waiting in the wings so you don’t lose your stride when changes need to be made.
  • As you employ passive recruiting, you will gather a pool of potential employees and have a solid reserve of skilled candidates. Even if the person is truly passive and doesn’t want to leave his job at the time, who knows what may happen a year down the road? And a candidate who hears from a company inquiring about him after time has passed will feel wanted and appreciated — a strong foundation for a working relationship and one that will more likely lead to a long-term commitment to the company if he chooses to take the job.


Passive recruiting doesn’t have to be entirely passive. Making a clear investment in candidates who have already proven their talent can definitely benefit your company — who better to bring on to your team than someone who has exactly what you want? When you believe a passive candidate is the best option for your staffing need, reach out to the experienced recruiting team at Creative Staffing to help you fulfill your long- and short-term goals.

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