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Of course you want the right fit for your company when hiring, and you wouldn’t hire someone without the right skills for a position. But what does “skills” mean in terms of a good hire? Yes, it has to do with the person having the right background for the position — you wouldn’t hire a doctor without the history and the degree to prove it. But within a typical company, it’s about more than just the right qualifications. It’s about finding the right fit. Hiring for culture, how a person fits in with the job and the vibe of the company, can influence how long an employee stays.

Turnover costs quite a bit, on various fronts. Depending on the industry, it can cost thousands of dollars to replace just one good employee.  There’s also the cost of lost productivity (finding someone to replace an employee, time taken to recruit, perform interviews, hire a temp, etc.) and stability within a team or a department. There are a few key factors in the hiring process that can help you avoid these costs.

Using a recruiting firm allows your staffing partner to focus specifically on factors that reduce turnover. One factor that helps is looking at background information on a potential hire through behavioral assessments to figure out turnover rates, which can be influenced by factors such as supportive peers in the workplace and past work experience, including employment satisfaction and emotional well-being.

The behavioral assessment can help structure an interview, helping the interviewer evaluate just how well a candidate’s skills match with the company’s needs. An interview will also help determine the candidate’s needs and whether the candidate has similar values to that of the company. These factors influence turnover and retention rate just as much as any basic skill set on a resume will. During an interview, make the job expectations clear — turnover rate can come from a new hire having certain expectations of a job from an interview and leaving because reality doesn’t fit those expectations.

As you hire, take care to consider the candidate for cultural fit as well as past experience and qualifications needed for the position. The person with fantastic skills needs to also be someone you want to keep around for a long time and someone who wants to establish their career with your company.

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