Posted by annmachado

Every company wants to hire the best candidates to fit its needs and improve its bottom line. But what position do you take: hiring a “superstar” just because of a stellar resume with listed skills or hiring someone who’s going to do well because the person’s skills fill the position well?

While the economy is getting back on its feet/still in crisis/better than it’s been in years, depending on what you read, all of this means there’s a large pool of applicants out there looking for new opportunities to move on from current jobs, find positions similar to ones they previously held, or make career changes utilizing similar skills. And employers can afford to be a bit choosy, making sure qualifications are at a premium, particularly for smaller businesses which, with fewer managers, need employees who can work with less supervision.

With that being said, it’s a question of what you want for your company. If you want a “superstar” from outside, make sure that person absolutely fits the position to a T, as well as the culture of the organization. And ask this: Does this person have the relationships and contacts that can help the company grow? Hiring a superstar without considering these three points may lead to regret down the road if, no matter the stellar qualifications, they’re not the right ones for you. Take great care when courting this kind of person, both to cover your own bets and, if it does seem like the right match, to make sure you give that person an opportunity they will want to leap at.

“Hiring to fill a position” can sound like you’re simply attempting to get a warm body to fill an empty space, but let’s take a different look at it. Hiring to fill a position can have the opposite notion: You’re looking specifically for the right person to fill that particular slot. Thus you take time to carefully consider what you’re looking for: What skills does this job require? What responsibilities? These sorts of questions can be determined initially through a well-written cover letter and a resume, true. But don’t forget that resumes don’t get hired; candidates — that is, people do. That interview gives you essential insight into how that person really will fit with the required skills and responsibilities — and how they will fit with the culture of the company. In an interview you may even realize that while the candidate doesn’t make an exact match, they may seem like a good match because of personality and work ethic that you’re willing to shape the job to make a fit. Don’t be afraid to do this.

Either way, if you take care with your process and are willing to remain a bit flexible, chances are good you’ll find the right fit for both you and the person hired…and that makes for a successful relationship all around.

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