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1. Be careful what you post. This may seem easy, but many people still don’t think about it. If you have too much fun at a party and your friend takes pictures and adds your name, someone may be able to find them and get the wrong idea. Additionally, if you did something when you were younger (joined a political group, got a tattoo that you now regret), that may be on the web as well. In some cases, you can ask the creator of the content to take it down — you can even do this with major search engines like Google in some cases. If it’s something on Facebook, either ask your friend who added your name to take off your name or, if you created the post, you can delete it. Just think of this: If you don’t want employers to see this part of your life because it makes you look bad, don’t put it online.

2. Make a positive online presence. If you do have social media accounts, make sure you have things posted that will make you look best. As someone looking for a job, LinkedIn is a great place to have employers see where you have worked in the past and what you have done in past jobs. Be sure to fill in your profile as much as possible so anyone looking can see what positions you have held and duties you performed. (You can also “Customize your public profile URL” on LinkedIn to make it easier for people to find you.) A site like Twitter can give a future employer an idea of your thoughts, and you can link to sites and articles you find interesting, especially ones that are in the same field you want to work in. You can do this on Facebook as well.

If you don’t have time to go as far as creating and updating your own website or blog, you can always write comments or even full posts on sites you respect and want others to know about.

3. Make sure you update everything. With your social media sites, make sure you do keep posting. If you have a blog or a Twitter feed but never use it, that will not help show who you are. But if you make sure you let everyone know when you get a new job, read something interesting in your line of work, comment on a website that connects to your career, or go somewhere that helps you learn something, the record of it will be there, and an employer will get to see who you are and what is important to you.

Much of the world is online today. You can control your place in it if you take these steps so others can see your best online presence.

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