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Creative Staffing realizes that many organizations have a tendency to view all staffing services as being and offering the same products and services. There are clearly numerous staffing services available that can provide you with supplemental staffing. However, we are not merely offering you the provision of supplemental staff, we want to increase your needs service quality while decreasing your effort and overall investment of time and dollars.

Similar to your industry, there are those companies that will say or do whatever it takes to win a customer, which often times includes offering everything at the cheapest possible rate thus resulting in a “over-promise and under-deliver” dilemma, which ultimately has a negative impact on your productivity and bottom line.

Creative Staffing consistently focuses on what is best for our clients; resulting in the highest levels of commitment and service levels in our industry.

Tips On Choosing A Staffing Partner

When deciding to work with a staffing service it is important to be sure that you select one that will best suit your needs. There are a variety of things to consider in order to understand better the agency, or agencies you’re considering aiding you in your recruitment efforts.

Here are a few research tips for selecting a staffing agency:

  • Request brochures, articles or other written material for background information.
  • Visit their website to get a sense of the message they’re sending to prospective clients.
  • Ask questions. The answers will speak to their professionalism, quality and quantity of candidates available as well as the associated costs.
  • How are you greeted when calling the agency?
  • How long have they been in existence?
  • Determine if you would be best served by a specialty staffing service that handles your industry or if a general agency will suffice.
  • If they do cater to niche markets, ascertain which industries their client companies represent.
  • Do their contract workers fit the demographics of what you’re looking for?
  • Are they members (in good standing) in industry/trade
  • What are their business practices like?
  • What is their success ratio in placing candidates?
  • What are their sources for obtaining candidates?
  • Will they meet your testing requirements?
  • What are their policies and procedures for handling contract-to-hire situations, last minute staffing emergencies, changes etc.? What is the fee structure?
  • Can they offer candidates with skill sets specific to your industry and can they supply the volume of staff needed?
  • If you have multiple locations, domestically and/or internationally, are they equipped to handle this?
  • Do they work collaboratively with other agencies? If so, who are they?
  • Do they offer training? If so, on what type of software or hardware systems is the training available?
  • How do they prep candidates for assignments?
  • Are they a contingency or retained search firm?

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